How To Choose An Online Casino: 10 Helpful Tips For Beginners

Useful tips on how to choose an online casino and gamble at the best sites.

Today, the number of online casinos exceeds 2,500, so it can be difficult to pick the best one.


Here we will explain how to choose an online casino by using some of the methods we use when reviewing and rating them.


The first step when choosing the most suitable casino for you is to determine whether it accepts players from your country of residence. In addition, you need to determine whether it is renowned for fair gaming and paying out winnings.


Another factor to consider is whether a casino offers customer support in your language, if their website design is attractive, or if the casino has a variety of games.


Consider these other factors below when choosing an online casino.

10 Helpful Tips On How To Choose An Online Casino

Ensure that the casino accepts players from your country

It is imperative that you are able to gamble in casinos that are permitted to accept players from the country where you live if you wish to gamble.


It is generally accepted that many countries prohibit the operation of online casinos within their borders. Also, not every country has the capability to regulate casinos established there.


As a result, not every nation replicates its betting laws inside casinos in other countries.


Depending on where you reside, you may find that some online casinos will permit you to register and play. However, if you win, they will ask for proof of your residence from another country if you win. It is in their terms & conditions that they will invoke this right.

Allowed countries you can play at Genesis Casino
An example of the countries where you cannot open an account and/or use the services at Genesis Casino.
Helpful tip

Please contact the casino via online chat if you have any doubts before making any deposits. You can ask the following question: "I am from {your country}. Can I register, deposit money, play, win, and then withdraw my winnings?"

Choose an online casino with a good reputation

It is most common for online casinos to cheat by not paying players the winnings they won fairly, delaying withdrawals for weeks or months, manipulating unlicensed games, or even marking winning players as bonus abusers and canceling all their bonus money as a result.


In view of such practices, it would be wise to check the reputation of an online casino before you deposit money there.

Select an online casino with a respected gambling license

Online casinos are operated from some specific jurisdiction within a country or territory. It is essential that a particular country has friendly legislation on online gambling in order for one to be able to run an online casino from this country.


An online gambling licence is either issued by the state that wants to regulate and tax its own citizens’ participation in online gambling (such as the United Kingdom, Belgian, Romanian, etc.) or by a country which wants to allow casinos to operate internationally (such as Malta, Curaçao, Gibraltar, etc.).


The only option that remains for you if a casino refuses to pay you your legitimate winnings due to its stubborn refusal to do so is to take your dispute to the regulator who issued the license to the casino. If this is the case, it will be obvious how important it was, when choosing a casino, to check with who issued the licence for the site. Whenever there is a need for a good regulator to stand up for fair gaming, they should always act independently.


Regulators are responsible for assessing and investigating a complaint in a fair and impartial manner. If a casino is found to have violated the rules in a serious manner, it has the right to revoke the license of the casino.


It is critical to note that all gambling licenses are created equal. It is possible to get justice if you have issues with a casino licensed by Curaçao or Gibraltar, but it must be kept in mind that their approach is generally lax when it comes to handling your issues. In contrast, there are respected licensing authorities like Malta, Alderney, and the Isle of Man which are on the other side of the spectrum. You have a pretty decent chance of obtaining justice if you are involved in a conflict with a casino licensed by some of these authorities

Take a look at the terms and conditions regarding withdrawal limits

It is extremely important to check the withdrawal limits of an online casino when making a choice of which one to play at before you opt to deposit real money.


There are certain casinos that limit the amount of winnings per month that can be withdrawn in order to manage their cash flow. We have seen some online casinos limiting withdrawals to a maximum of around €3,000 per month for their players.


In the case of winning a €250,000 jackpot, it would take you nearly seven years to withdraw €250,000 if you received €3,000 monthly from the winnings. This would give the casino enough time to go bankrupt and, as a result, it will not be able to pay you the rest of the money you won.

Make sure the casino you choose offers the games you like

The majority of players who enjoy one particular game will search for online casinos that offer that particular game in order to play it online.


In our list of casinos, we have made sure that you will be able to find one that offers games provided by the game provider that you like best.


Various players have different preferences when it comes to games. Some of them enjoy playing table games, such as blackjack, baccarat, or roulette.


A casino with a selection of several different types and variants of blackjack or roulette, which are both popular games in casinos, is likely to please those who enjoy these kinds of games.


In the event that you prefer to play live dealer games, which are becoming more and more popular, our list should be of assistance to you.


It is almost certain that you will find slot machines in most online casinos. Different casinos offer different types of games, which is what makes them stand out from each other. You should check if the casino you have chosen offers a wide variety of games in terms of slot machines if this is what you like the most.


Are scratchcards or bingo your preferred game? There aren’t many casinos that offer scratch cards, but if you look through our list, you’ll find some of the ones that do.


Our list also includes a list of casinos that offer this less popular type of game.

Choose an online casino that offers support in your language

It is common for many casinos to try to translate their websites into as many languages as possible. It is common for casinos that are geared towards a specific country to provide customer support directly in the language of that country.


A service like this can be of great value if you cannot speak English fluently, as it could make a big difference to your experience.


It will be easier for an individual to understand a casino’s rules and regulations if the website and terms and conditions are translated.


There will be no need to ask your English speaking friend for assistance when it comes to answering potential questions or solving small disputes.

Ensure the casino has fast and helpful customer support

A casino’s terms and conditions can sometimes be overwhelming, and you may need assistance to clear up any ambiguities you may have regarding bonuses, terms and conditions, or the operation of the casino as well.


There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to customer support: the faster, the better. The top-rated online casinos will include a 24/7 live chat facility, manned by someone friendly and able to assist you whenever you need it.


If you plan on playing at a casino, we strongly recommend that you stay away from casinos that only provide support via email or telephone.

Make sure they offer you an exciting welcome offer and bonuses

Almost all of the online casinos try to attract their visitors by offering a wide range of promotions such as bonuses.


The correct use of bonuses can be a great way for regular online gamblers to reduce the costs of their regular participation in the game by reducing the amount that they spend on the bonus.


There are some bonuses that it will always be beneficial for you to accept. However, there are also some bonuses that have such unfavourable terms that it is simply not worth taking advantage of them. For instance, a deposit bonus, where wagering requirements apply to the deposit amount plus the bonus amount together, is an example of a deposit bonus.


Having such high wagering requirements will unnecessarily limit your betting options and prevent you from withdrawing winnings until you meet them.

Make sure the online casino you choose is visually appealing and mobile-friendly

It is the casino’s website that represents the brand and what you use to form your first impression of the casino when you first visit it.


Furthermore, it has a direct effect on how much fun you will be able to have while playing the games of the casino.


Of course, it is possible to play in a casino that does not have the best design visually, but it is certain that it will not be as enjoyable as gambling in a casino with a highly polished appearance.


An inferior looking website might be an indication of a low budget, a new casino, or a weak IT department. It is important to remember, however, that the way a casino appears on its website is not necessarily an indication of its quality.


It is pertinent to note that online casinos are predominantly accessed on mobile devices in the same way that most websites are today. The availability of mobile games is therefore becoming a new standard of quality in the world of online casinos because it has become a new standard of quality in the gaming industry.


You can also count on us to help you make sure that the casino you have chosen is not lagging behind when it comes to supporting mobile casino games.


We also give information about the mobile-friendliness of every casino on our list in addition to the fact that it is on our list.

Understand what available banking options are offered

When playing at the best online casinos or most reliable sportsbook, you’ll want to know that you can cash out your winnings as smoothly as possible.


Before you sign up at any of the most popular gambling sites, it is critical for you to know what are the payment options available to you, so you know exactly what is possible and what is not before you deposit any money with them.


You should also consider the fees for a debit card payment, as well as the wait time for withdrawals.

Helpful tip

Some players might find it very useful to use online wallets such as Skrill or Neteller or even prepaid cards such as Paysafecard in order to facilitate the transaction.

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